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Giving full play to the advantages of HR and equipments, Keeping high speed developing of technology R&D and market operation.

Product Development Process

Product R&D Modes

1、There are 2 methods of product designing: Forward designing and Reverse designing :

1、Forward designing:
From raising a new product design concept, Artie will lead the whole designing process till finish the product.

2、Reverse designing:
Analyzing existed product in the market and getting the product data by measuring, Artie could make reduction
design and perfect design.

2 、 Main Modes of product developing

1、Independent design and development:
After market analysis, Artie will raise different new product ideas and lead the whole process of developing.
Customer will have various choices according to their requirements.

2、Design and development according to customer’s drawings:
Artie make perfect design, tooling, prototype making and then form batch production.

3、Collaborative development:
Customer will raise their new concept and requirements of developing, Artie start design accordingly. During
the design and developing process, customer’s engineering staff will attend together till the prototype making
and batch production. For example, we cooperate with Kinglong Union and Yutong in this way.